Asiko Chilli Powder 100g – Pack of 10


Chilli  powder is ground up dried hot pepper.  First of all, our Asiko  chilli powder is 100%  pure. It is made from naturally harvest crops. 

This powder is probably the most versatile form of seasoning around. It is used to enhance the flavour of a dish.  It can also be used the main constituents for many dishes. It is also used in pepper soup. pepper soup is a very popular dish in Eastern Nigeria.

It can also added to  tomato-based sauces. It is one of the main ingredients for suya mix and other seasonings. It can also be used in oloyin and black eye beans dishes.  Also can be added as a seasoning for fish, shellfish, and ewedu.

Finally, our pepper powder makes is a good base for curries and stir fries.  In addition to ginger, lemon, onion, herbs, garlic and coconut, it brings flavour and taste to dishes. In my opinion dried chilli powder is probably the more used ingredients in Africa.

Quality in our chilli powder

  • We have mild, hot and also medium pepper powder
  • Quality spicy powder to make your food hot and colourful
  • Great ingredients for less money
  • Packed in a rather in a vegetarian environment
  • Can be used in all types of cooking for that spicy flavour and distinct red colour
  • Excellent mix for your suya mix
  • Dried and finely ground
  • Finely dried and preserved, free of foreign agents
  • To add colour and texture to various Nigerian dishes
  • Ideal for your pepper soup mix

Asiko Spicy Powder

Furthermore, we have probably the finest red pepper from Nigeria. It is hygienically cleaned and dried . It free of foreign agents.Finally,  powdered and packaged in a hygienic environment without losing its pungent flavour and red colour.


Red Chilli

Available Sizes

100g & 150g and packed in bunch of 10.